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Up To 40% Off

The Cinema Society enables employers and organisations to offer a range of discounted cinema experiences to their employees. From discounted tickets and popcorn to annual passes, we provide unmatched value and entertainment options.


Partnered with Leading Cinemas

We currently partner with 17 major cinema chains, including Cineworld, Showcase, Vue, ODEON, and Omniplex, and our network is constantly expanding. We are committed to sourcing specific cinemas and locations to meet our clients needs.


Unbeatable Savings for Your Team

With The Cinema Society, your employees can enjoy significant savings on every cinema trip, any day, any time, and for any 2D film.


A Trusted Name

As the leading platform in the UK and Ireland, with operations in Australia and New Zealand as well, The Cinema Society is a trusted name in cinema discounts.


The Cinema Society platform is easy, secure, and suitable for all businesses,


Our partnership with The Cinema Society has been a real win, not only for our respective organisations but also for our clients who get to enjoy the most amazing discounts on cinema tickets!

Adam Davey

Director, Benefits Cloud

Our relationship grows stronger and stronger with more employers signing up to make great savings on cinema outings. The future is bright with Cinema Society which plays an important part of our lifestyle savings platform.

Marc Proctor

Commercial Account Executive, VIVUP

Discounted Cinema Tickets from The Cinema Society is one of our most popular savings offering great value for our members. The platform is easy to use and the team helpful and proactive.

Claudette Olson

Affiliate Manager, You at Work

This collaboration with The Cinema Society has been a phenomenal success for us. The response has exceeded expectations, making it one of the most sought-after BrightExchange benefits we've ever had!

Stuart Ormesher

BrightExchange Account Manager

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