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SPARK is an award-winning marketing agency with a heritage in the world of cinema and film.  We’re a small but dedicated team of under 20 people but part of the Mission plc, the worldwide marketing services group.

Each year, thousands of organisations turn to SPARK for corporate cinema rewards, leveraging them to inspire their teams, enhance customer acquisition and retention, or as thoughtful gifts for members and clients.

SPARK are also trusted as the retained representation agency for many of the UK’s leading cinema companies including Cineworld, Showcase, Picturehouse, Reel Cinemas, Merlin, Omniplex and more.

SPARK also own The Cinema Society, the leading cinema discount platform in the rewards & benefits market. Our platform provides discounted tickets at all major cinema chains across the UK and Ireland, making the cinematic experience more accessible and rewarding for all.

And then there’s our promotional work…have you ever noticed a brand giving away cinema tickets as a prize or as part of a promotion?

Chances are, SPARK were part of making that happen…visit our Cinema Promotions page to find out more.


At SPARK, we care about our impact on the environment and society. We recognise that our business activities have both direct and indirect effects on the world around us, and we strive to minimise the negative ones and maximise the positive ones.

Our CSR policy outlines our commitment to operate responsibly and sustainably and to contribute to the well-being of our stakeholders and the communities we serve. This policy applies to our company and all our employees. It also guides us in selecting suppliers who share our vision and goals for a better future.

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