Published: 28th June
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B2B voucher sales contract secured for Omniplex cinemas, offering discount vouchers for employee rewards or customer incentives.

SPARK Secures Strategic Partnership

As a leading provider of digital cinema rewards, the SPARK team is thrilled to announce we have secured the B2B voucher sales contract for Omniplex cinemas. This strategic partnership covers Omniplex’s cinemas across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Great Britain.

The agreement extends to the cinemas acquired by Omniplex from Empire Cinemas, including locations such as Birmingham, Wigan, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Ipswich, Sutton, and Sunderland. As Omniplex has long held a market leader position in Ireland, SPARK is excited to contribute to their new venture in Britain.

David Pearson, CEO at SPARK, is enthusiastic about the collaboration: “Since Empire Cinema’s closed their doors we’ve been inundated with requests from clients for vouchers valid at the sites acquired by Omniplex, as well as members of The Cinema Society who lost access to discounts at their local cinemas.  We’re delighted to have agreed terms with Omniplex for those cinemas, and even more so to help them with their B2B work in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland too. We’ve long been a customer of Omniplex in all territories and the opportunity to work more deeply with them is another really exciting opportunity for SPARK.”

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