SPARK gets the team engaged

Published: 25th October 2022
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Here at SPARK we know what our most important investment is, our people. We surveyed engagement levels across our team and the results suggest we’re doing something right!

SPARK Marketing Team


We recently teamed up with Culture Amp to look at engagement levels across our people and the results suggest we’re doing something right!

With an incredible overall positive response figure of 92% (compared to an industry average of 72%) the SPARK team are clear that SPARK Towers is a pretty good place to be!
Innovation and Teamwork were top of the internal tree with 100% ratings and being part of the Mission Group also attracted top marks.

There’s a bit of food for thought for how we can make SPARK an even better place to work, how we can improve our services and impact on the environment too so watch this space (though we’re a bit nervous about how difficult it’s going to be to improve on this result next year!)

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