Why Do People Visit The Cinema?

Published: 4th July
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It's not always about the movies!
Find out more in the annual Cinema Society survey from SPARK, with over 1,000 respondents!

Each year, we conduct a survey among The Cinema Society members to collect their feedback on the club’s performance and insights into their overall cinema-going habits.

The results are fascinating for clients, cinemas, and anyone interested in understanding public cinema-going trends and their implications.

We asked our members:

Generally, what’s the main reason you visit the cinema?



A film I want to see


The cinema experience/atmosphere


A family trip


I just love the cinema


Something else

While the quality of films has traditionally driven cinema visitation, nearly half of respondents cite other reasons as their main motivation.

26% visit the cinema for the atmosphere and experience, while 14% go to entertain their families.

Impressively, 8% of our members visit simply because they love the cinema. It’s no surprise, as cinema-going remains one of the UK’s most popular cultural activities.